Teacher Grants

Click here for the application: McLoud School Foundation Teacher Grant Program 2020-2021 (1)

McLoud School Foundation Teacher Grant Program Overview

  • McLoud School Foundation teacher grants of up to $1,000 are available to teachers in McLoud Public School District of grades pre-K -12.
  • Grant applications must be typed and received by mail to Judy Harrell, 518 Cottonwood Lane, Tecumseh, OK 74873 or email at mandjharrell@gmail.com no later than March 12, 2021.
  • Grant funds may not be used for the following purposes: seminars, workshops, teacher or staff salaries, trips for teachers or staff, camps, competitions, field trips, reducing or eliminating debt, purchase or maintenance of computer hardware (monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, graphic card, sound card and motherboard), laptops, E-readers, tablets, Chromebooks, smart phones or other electronic devices, honoraria, capital improvement projects or advertising.
  • Grants will be reviewed and can be expected to be awarded no later than April 3, 2020.
  • If the teacher awarded the grant is no longer employed by McLoud Public School, any materials and/or equipment purchased with the McLoud School Foundation grant funds will become property of the school.
  • Teacher will provide a grant application cover page and application form that includes all requested information.
  • Since the grants will be judged blindly, please do not put your name within the application form, only on the cover page.
  • Teachers receiving grants must implement the use of the materials/program during the 2021-22 school year. If materials are received in time for the second semester of the 2020-21 school year, the teacher can use them then, also.
  • Only one proposal may be submitted per teacher.
  • All grants will be reviewed by the Teacher Grant/Scholarship Committee of the McLoud School Foundation.
  • Grant recipients will be required to provide an end of project evaluation which will include a brief narrative detailing the benefits and outcomes derived from their project and mail to the McLoud School Foundation, PO Box 802, McLoud, OK 74851, or email to Judy Harrell at mandjharrell@gmail.com.
  • Winners’ names and photos may be used for publicity.
  • For information contact: Judy Harrell at mandjharrell@gmail.com or by calling or texting her at 405-642-8326.

Here are some comments from previous recipients:


As  recipient of a 2018 McLoud School Foundation Teacher Grant I would like to thank you for providing the Grant for the Fourth Grade Study Island program.  Both the classes I teach have greatly benefited from the program thus far.  We will continue to use the program for the entire year.  The program provides extended practice on the OAS skills required for Fourth Grade students to master in both math and reading before moving forward to Fifth Grade.  The program provides practice via game mode which is very exciting and enjoyable for the students.  The students may practice until they feel confident before testing to win a blue ribbon.  If a student doesn’t win a blue ribbon on his first attempt, he then may practice more and try again until he is able to win a blue ribbon.  This type of activity promotes confidence as the students have ample opportunities to be successful without feeling as if they have failed.  Other programs often highlight failure by having the students test on a skill and then show if they are green, yellow or red.  There is no practice mode and the yellow and red are discouraging for the students who need more time to master the skill.

I also want to comment on the Grant for the Fourth Grade Butterfly project.  Mrs. Little, who applied for the Grant is no longer teaching at McLoud.  Fourth Grade really benefited and enjoyed the Butterfly project.  We received the Butterfly kits at the beginning of September and the project took a month to complete.  The students were able to observe and follow the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly and then release their butterflies in October.  They not only learned about the life cycle but cared for a creature for most of its life.  They also learned about many of the different butterflies found throughout the world and how each one is unique.  There are over 28,000 species of butterflies in the world.  We use the butterfly project as part of our insect investigation which covers an OAS skill for Fourth Grade science.  The butterfly is the world’s most beautiful insect.  The students loved it.  Thank you again for all of your support and help for our students not only to have an opportunity to learn through your kind help but to enjoy the process.


The materials you and your foundation provided for our students that receive speech therapy have been a great impact this year.  The books have helped us with articulation, storytelling, and sequencing.  The Color Me Fluent has helped several students with fluency issues; it gives them a framework to help self-assess themselves.   I have more students this year that stutter than ever before.  This program has been extremely helpful. The Sparc books help students learn how to describe choose a category; learn basic concepts, routines, and attributes.  The program 5-Minute Therapy has helped add more repetitions for my older students and this should help with progress.  All of these programs will also help me to assess progress. I truly appreciate the support from the foundation.


My class and I have benefited so much from your purchase of the flexible seating you provided for my classroom.  So far, two groups of students have had the opportunity to use the seats. I have seen great success from my students who otherwise would have difficulty sitting still.  These seats allow them to wiggle while staying focused on their task in their area. I have also noticed that with the different options of seating available, my students have become great at taking responsibility for what chair will help them succeed the most.  This is a huge accomplishment for 6 and 7 year olds. Thank you again for providing this for my classroom and I look forward to many more groups of students getting the choice of seating that will help them succeed the best they can in first grade!


The McLoud School Foundation purchased several different hands on activities for my children to use.  These activities allow my four and five year olds to learn the curriculum in a fun, hands on way.  Paper and pencil are needed still, but my children are more engaged and often have better behaviors when they are learning with these “toys”.  It is very helpful to have a variety of activities to choose from for the children to manipulate and learn with.  These activities allow them to show me mastery of a skill or if more work needs to be done.  I am very appreciative of all the items purchased by the foundation. Thank you so much!


I received a grant for school supplies for my students.  This grant allowed the 8th grade social studies teacher to provide all students with the notebooks they needed to do daily work in our classes. We were able to get started much earlier this year since supplies were available on the first day of school.  With this grant, students have had access to new supplies that help them to be successful in their day to day tasks.  They now have access to a class set of adult size scissors, glue, and colored pencils that they may not have had otherwise.  On Open House night, the parents were pleasantly surprised to find out that their student’s supplies would be provided by the McLoud Schools Foundation.  It also allowed parents to provide Clorox wipes and Kleenex that we typically do not get at this level.  We are extremely grateful to the McLoud Schools Foundation for providing our students with these things.


My project consisted of flexible seating and hands on center activities. The flexible seating has greatly increased student attention span. It allows them to move while they complete their work. The center items are used on a daily basis. They are activities that increase fine motor skills and directly address some of our Oklahoma Standards for Kindergarten. I have noticed an improvement in handwriting and cutting abilities as they have used these items throughout the year.


Study Island is the only program we have that uses the new Oklahoma Academic Standards. These new standards result in new threads of questions, meaning the questions are presented to the students differently than in the past. I think by doing this program with them the teachers and I can learn what the new tests will be asking for students to do. Today I learned that division is not just solve the problem, but how can the problem be solved using a distributive method or an array format that I had never seen before. I think if the teachers and the students study this way the test scores will improve because we will know what to study for. I know how to divide, but I really had to consider the method of presentation by the new standards to figure out what was wanted. Study Island as provided by the McLoud School Foundation is a useful tool, and I really appreciate the resource. Thank you for selecting this project.